High Definition Plasma Cutting

High-Definition Plasma Cutter in Lebanon County

With the help of our high-definition plasma cutter, East Coast Fabricating can help both large and small contractors fabricate metal for a wide variety of projects. Our plasma cutting process uses the latest technology to offer fast and accurate solutions for plate cutting. We have modern metal-cutting equipment in our fabrication shop that can easily process interior shapes and holes up to 3” thick. If you need a trustworthy hd plasma cutter in Lebanon County, contact East Coast Fabricating today for a no-obligation free quote!


Streamlined Plasma Cutting Process

In business, time is money – and nothing beats being able to save on both!

Our plasma cutting process is streamlined and efficient so that you can get your fabricated metal at a fraction of the time. To speed up your plating process, we, in addition to our tube and plasma cutting services, offer stock material in house that can be used to complete your project more quickly. Our inventory includes standard sizes up to 1” A36 Mild Steel, ½” 304 Stainless Steel, and ½” 3001 Aluminum.  With our optional water mist on our plasma cutter for stainless steel and aluminum, you can trust that the edges and parts of your metal will be free of “edge burn.” So what are you waiting for? Simplify your fabrication needs with our easy and fast plasma cutting process here at East Coast Fabricating!

Advanced & Precise Metal Cutting Equipment

The metal cutting equipment we use at East Coast Fabricating is our 5’ x 10’ plasma cutting table with Hypertherm’s XPR 300 power source. With the boosted power from this hd plasma cutter, you’ll have all the power you need for cutting steel plates from ¼” to 3”. Our plasma cutter can cut interior holes and shapes in 2” thick mild steel and edge cut up to 3” thick. Included in our plasma cutting process is the free pick-up of your steel plates in our Lebanon County fabrication shop or the option to have it freight shipped directly to your company’s doorstep. With the help of our additional CAD services, we can assist you in shaping and designing your steel plates before we put them through our reliable plasma cutting table. We are constantly updating our metal cutting equipment to make sure it is at the forefront of plasma cutting technology. Learn more about our steel cutting services and contact us today!

East Coast Fabricating

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East Coast Fabricating has been the premier hd plasma cutter in Lebanon County for the past several years. Enjoy a quick and accurate experience thanks to our Hypertherm XPR powered metal cutting equipment and our time-saving plasma cutting process. If you have other fabrication needs, check out our tube laser cutting, robotic welding, and manual welding services that we are happy to offer to the Lancaster and Lebanon communities. Our fabrication work speaks for itself through the many satisfied testimonies from our past and present clients.  Call today to get more information and a free quote on any of our fabrication services!


Look no further, East Coast Fabricating can fulfill all your metal fabrication needs!