How Does Laser Cutting Work & How Can It Help Your Business Thrive? How Does Laser Cutting Work & How Can It Help Your Business Thrive?

How Does Laser Cutting Work & How Can It Help Your Business Thrive?

Are you looking for a way to simplify your business’s manufacturing needs and cut down on time? At East Coast Fabricating, we are a team of tube laser manufacturers that use laser cutting services to help save our clients time and money on their fabrication needs. If you are new to fabrication and production shops, then you may be asking how laser cutting even works. That is what we are hoping to answer in today’s blog. We know that many of our clients in the Lebanon, Lancaster, and York areas have a need to save money on their manufacturing needs, but many are unaware of the value of laser cutting and how it works.

East Coast Fabricating is a premier fabrication shop in Lebanon County that has years of experience completing tube and plasma-cutting services for clients throughout the state of PA and beyond. You can trust that our tube laser machine is always working at its very best and that your projects will be completed accurately every time. Read on to learn about how laser cutting works and how it can help your business to grow!

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What’s Involved In Our Tube Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting, specifically tube laser cutting, is often used to make clean, precise holes for building or fabrication projects. Our tube laser machine can handle round, square, rectangle, channel, angle, and even custom profiles for our clients. But how do our tube laser cutting services even work? And what are the steps?

  1. Our team will upload our customer’s part design, quantity, and the raw material used into our software system.
  2. Next, the software “nests” the parts on the raw material to analyze actual material needs as well as shield gas and electric consumption. This allows us to keep costs down and not overuse materials or energy that is not needed.
  3. Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, we can arrive at a final cost per part. We can give this to you in advance so you won’t be surprised by your bill.
  4. Then we load the bundle of materials into the tube laser machine.
  5. Then the machine will automatically pull 1 bar at a time, measure the length, find the weld seam, and trim ½” off. Trimming ½” off every time will ensure that a perfect part end is achieved.
  6. Then the tube laser machine will start cutting the nested parts.
  7. Once your project is completed being cut, our machine operators will look over your project for accuracy.
  8. Once we have verified that your project is true to your design, we will prepare your project to either be picked up at our Lebanon shop or wrapped to be freight shipped to your direct location.

If you have a project that needs to be completed every single month, our team can program your design and save it to our tube laser machine.

Interested in learning what the cost of your project could be when using our tube laser cutting process? Fill out an online form to get in touch with our team today!

Why Our Tube Laser Machine?

Let’s be honest, a laser cutting process is only as good as its tube laser machine. So before you decide to work with our experienced team, we want to make sure you understand why East Coast Fabricating’s tube laser machine is one of the most accurate in the industry. With our 3,000 watt fiber tube laser we have the ability to offer custom services like tab and slot joints, as well as coping, mitering, and tabbing. And because our tube laser machine has the capacity to save designs, we can save your design and print it accurately monthly, weekly, or as often as you need. That means that once you send us your project design, we won’t need anything else from you unless you need to tweak something. If you think that tube laser cutting can help simplify your business’s needs, reach out today to get started. We look forward to helping your business grow in efficiency.

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Start Your Laser Cutting Project With East Coast Fabricating Today!

Now that you understand how laser cutting works, we hope you will consider partnering with East Coast Fabricating for your laser cutting needs. Our tube laser machine is one of the few in all of Lebanon, Lancaster, and York, meaning you can’t get services like ours just anywhere. In addition to our tube laser cutting, we can help you if you have a project that needs robotic welding, manual welding, or high-definition plasma cutting. With our quick and efficient tube laser machine, no project is too big or too small for us to complete. Learn more about how laser cutting can save your business time and money when you contact our team today. We look forward to adding you to our satisfied client list!


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