What Is Robotic Welding? What Is Robotic Welding?

What Is Robotic Welding?

Whether you’re looking to mass-produce millions or accurately weld a few, automated welding equipment is the ideal solution. The fact that it can lower cost and increase quality makes it a no-brainer investment, but what is robotic welding really?

Robotic welding automates the welding process by making it more efficient, timely, and affordable. By utilizing a programmable mechanical arm, the robotic welding process creates some of the most meticulous designs without a struggle. This alternative to manual welding has gained much popularity over the past few years as it offers a safer, faster, and more efficient alternative for production.

Keep reading to learn more about what robotic welding is and how it can help your business!

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The Benefits of a Robotic Welding Process

In the world of welding, automation is key – that’s why so many companies, inventors, and manufacturers are switching to a robotic welding process!

Robots in automated welding systems move faster and more consistently than a human welder, making the hard-to-reach places easy and the mistakes virtually nonexistent. But that’s not all, a robotic welding process also:

  • Achieves superior and consistent quality
  • Reduces waste by minimizing flaws
  • Creates a higher output
  • Improves schedule adherence
  • Can reuse design or program for future projects
  • Increases safety by reducing human exposure to fumes and flash
  • And so much more!

If you are looking for a precise appearance, affordable cost, and a large quantity, the robotic welding process may be perfect for you! However, if you are creating products that would benefit from the flexibility of each item being custom cut, manual welding might be the better option. Learn more about robotic welding vs manual welding here – and contact East Coast Fabricating for additional assistance in pairing the right welding approach for you.

Why Trust Our Automated Welding Equipment

At East Coast Fabricating, we not only aim to answer the question, “What is robotic welding?” but to provide a reliable resource for your robotic welding needs, as well.

Located in Lebanon County, PA, our automated welding equipment is some of the best in the country. We have the capability to easily manipulate and assemble pieces up to 1,000 pounds at high volumes. Businesses across the United States continue to trust our automated welding equipment and services for 3 reasons:

  1. Affordable prices: All of our services, from tube laser cutting to manual welding, are priced affordably for ultimate client ease.
  2. Local support: Supporting our automated welding company means you are supporting the local communities in PA!
  3. Short lead times: Our premier automated welding equipment eliminates the need for reprogramming. Most of our jobs can be finished within 2 weeks!

See how the robotic welding services at East Coast Fabricating can help take your ideas to the next level…contact us today!

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How Robotic Welding Can Help YOU

If you still find yourself asking the question, “What is robotic welding?” we encourage you to call East Coast Fabricating and speak with an expert. Our friendly team members are happy to assist you in making the robotic welding process personalized to your unique business needs!

Contact our professional Lebanon, PA welding shop for your free price and schedule estimate today.



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