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Innovative Production Fabrication Shop In Myerstown, PA

East Coast Fabricating has been an active member of the fabricating industry since 2012. Our fabrication shop specializes in tube laser cutting, high definition plasma cutting, robotic and manual welding, and CAD design services. If you are looking to use tube laser manufacturers to speed up your processes, we can help! Our fabrication shop can service you in the Lancaster or Lebanon areas, though we are willing to freight ship products to your company or doorstep. Contact us today to find out more about what our laser cutting services can offer your business!

In-Depth Laser Cutting Services

Being a fabrication shop that is dedicated to providing premium laser cutting services, the ease and efficiency of our cutting processes are of the utmost importance to us. Our commercial cutters offer both tube laser and high definition plasma cutting. For tube laser cutting, we can handle a variety of profiles and materials ranging from .500 to 6.0 O.D. Our high definition plasma cutting can process a wide range of plate and sheet metal with a cutting area of 119 x 59.

Our fabrication shop also offers special CAD drawing services that can help simplify your fabricating process. We offer specialized CAD design services that can be especially helpful for tube manufacturing. All our cutting products are palletized immediately and are available for freight delivery or pick up at our Myerstown location. Call us today and let our plasma manufacturing and tube laser cutting services make your project a reality!

Tube Laser Cutting High Definition Plasma Cutting

Seasoned Welding Company

In addition to our fabrication shop and commercial laser cutting services, we are also a highly competent welding company. We offer robotic and manual welding processes. In house, we have a robotic welding machine that can weld large projects in minutes electronically. This service is best used for repetitive, large batch runs. Our manual welding team will handle small welding projects. East Coast Fabricating is happy to provide excellent service for both large and small and intricate welding projects. All completed welding projects are available to be picked up at our shop or shipped by freight. Call us today to get a free quote from our welding company!

Robotic Welding Fabrication

Why Choose Us As Your Manufacturing Partner & Fabrication Shop

At East Coast Fabricating, we know that technology is changing the way that manufacturers have operated for generations. It’s time to stop relying on the old way of doing things and start saving your time and money with our tube laser cutting technology. Our fabrication shop is experienced in using tube laser cutting and high definition plasma cutting. We also have a welding company that can meet your robotic and manual welding needs. Our fabrication business has grown swiftly over the years due to a high amount of word of mouth reviews from happy and satisfied customers. Why not be added to that growing list? Give our fabrication shop a call today and see how we can meet your tube laser cutting or welding needs!